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From our Deputy Head of School

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Welcome to Term 2. It has been wonderful to see the children return to school with so much energy and enthusiasm. On Monday, the teachers met as they always do, to prepare for the term ahead.  Part of this day is always devoted to study related to the ethos of the school. We spent some time together revisiting the principles on the which the school was founded. These are shown below.
To give the children information related to:

  • the simple principles of spiritual knowledge,
  • knowledge of the universe,
  • man, and
  • the individual’s relation thereto

in the belief that the child really knows, and, if the information is given simply and accurately enough, it will connect with that inner knowledge and make it available to the child.

It is very valuable to continually refresh our knowledge and understanding of these principles to ensure that we stay true to the type of education that we aim to provide at John Colet.

Di Renshaw
Deputy Headmistress