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From our kitchen: 11/3/13

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Dairy, egg, lactose, gluten and wheat free and vegan options provided daily.

Thank you to all those parents who have filled in their allergy forms and returned them to school.

Recently I have noticed a lot of packed lunches being eaten at the table during lunch which goes against the basic function of our school kitchen. Our goal is to provide a varied, nutritious and wholesome, vegetarian meal. All children with allergies and intolerances are being catered for individually and with great care.

I have been at John Colet now for 7 years with a son who is one of the fussiest eaters at school. He has never starved in his life. Yes, I have always worried, but I have persevered with understanding the effect that positive peer pressure and the onset of the different food recognition technique will work its magic.

One of the most powerful methods of getting kids to eat is recognition . The other is a solid parental resolve. Basically it is what you have given them and how you have handled it. I was totally over protective, which created my fussy eater…my Mum used to peel grapes for him!!! Stop laughing; mine is a food first family.

I would urge that you let the wonder of group eating and gratitude for a meal prepared on their behalf take hold. If your child does not like a certain meal, he or she is simply unfamiliar to them. All dieticians suggest that it takes 20-100 attempts for some children to grasp at new flavours so, perseverance is King!

On that note, here is my recipe for the vegetarian nachos, so you too can help in the familiarisation of food for school lunches. The lunch room is an amazing place with amazing people, it is worth the push.

Nacho recipe…Home amounts

1/2 chopped celery

2 chopped zucchinis

2 chopped carrots

1/4 cauliflower chopped

2 small chopped onions

2 tins mixed beans (3,4 or 5 bean mix)

2 cans tinned toms

(any solid vegetable that you have will also do – eg sweet potatoes, squash, green beans)


about 1-2 Tab of each – to taste

sweet paprika

smoked paprika

fresh garlic

fresh ginger





splash brown vinegar


Lightly fry all vegies for about 4-5mins – not brown

Add in herbs, spices and vinegar – cook 1-2 mins further

Add rinsed beans and tomatoes

Cook until tender on a low simmer (8-10 mins)

Check consistency; add a little water or more tomatoes and or herbs/spices to your desired tastes.

 Blend if you need to…we do. Omit any allergy foods and substitute because you can t wreck it.


Donna Moor