From our kitchen: 28/3/13 - image  on

From our kitchen: 28/3/13

On the menu after Easter...








NOODLES (with veggie squiggles)



Dairy, egg, lactose, gluten and wheat free and vegan options provided daily.

It was some relief to see my mistake on the last menu, I felt like I had got an entire week back, so my apologies for the calendar oversight.

The Easter break and the school holidays are nearly upon us so remember the one key rule to holiday eating, drinking and frivolity is WATER.

The humble glass of H2O has enormous healing and weight loss properties. It allows the body, particularly the brain to hydrate (or rehydrate depending on the size of the previous evening’s party). A headache, without accident, it simply your brain saying give me water, not paracetamol.

Water, with the help of haemoglobin, also delivers the water soluble vitamins C and B complex to the entire body. The water soluble vitamins are easily destroyed or washed away during food preparation. Try to steam vegetables, keep milk and grains away from strong light and wash vegetables when they are whole. Generally, water soluble vitamins are not harmful because the body excretes excess levels.

Water also cleans the liver, kidneys and all major organs of the body, so the more you drink, the cleaner your body is internally.

There is no hard rule to the consumption of water but if you are not drinking four 300ml bottles of water per day plus another for every hour of exercise, pregnant or outdoors you are depleting yourself of the hydration and vitamins necessary to keep you feeling bright and happy.

This holiday, think of adding a glass of water before your breakfast (inclusive of the Berrocca-if necessary), before every meal, between every alcoholic beverage, and before bed, your body will thank you.

Happy Easter to all!
Donna Moor