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From our Kitchen

On the lunch menu first week back is...


Pupil Free day


SOUP (with cheesy bread rolls)






SQUIGGLY NOODLES (with wiggly carrots)

Dairy, egg, lactose, gluten and wheat free and vegan options provided daily.

We hope you are all having great fun during the break and are looking forward to Term 2. Getting back to school will be a good time to readdress our (Adult) dietary intake after a big holiday of feasting (for some).

One of the main points of realigning your diet back to normal is to use some simple tools and some basic biochemistry. We have to master our appetite and shrink our stomachs back to normal levels.

The best way to start this process is revisiting simple steps such as, 1 day fasting, portion control, increase water and water soluble vitamins and a reduce carbohydrates to a normal level.

If you can t fast, try one day on meal replacement drinks that are low in carbohydrates to settle your body into accepting less food. Use a smaller plate for a couple of days remembering your stomach is only the size of your fist, not the size of a restaurant bowl of pasta built for three. Next drink two glasses of water before every meal for a couple of days (up to a week) and either grab a Vitamin B and C tablet or increase your intake of red, green and orange foods. Water will make sure that any hunger pains are just that, not dehydration. Water (and protein) reduces the Ghrelin hormone that makes you feel hungry or increases when you are dehydrated. Then remove processed carbohydrates and fizzy drinks.

Finally there is the best news biochemically, which is to increase the amount of protein and good fats. The appetite master is Cholecystokinin (CCK) a digestive hormone that is activated when you consume protein. This hormone tells your brain to stop eating and your belly to slow the rate of digestion (unreal!). It is basically your full switch. Interestingly, it does not register when sugars and starches are ingested. This is why a whole chicken is very hard to eat but a bag of lollies or chips it totally too easy!

Eat well,
Donna Moor