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From our P&F – Welcome Back

Hi families,

Welcome back to school. I hope that you are staying safe and well. What challenging times we’ve seen these past few months. I feel so incredibly grateful for this lovely community of families at JCS that have supported me and my family and especially grateful to the teachers and staff that have worked so hard to support our children.  I’m sure that you all feel the same.

To express our gratitude and P&F will cater a lunch for the teachers and staff on the pupil free day in Term 3 (it’s the first Monday of Term 3). In addition we intend to create a video with thank and gratitude from parents and pupils which we will edit together to screen at the lunch. To help with this if you have any video editing skills and willingness to do help please can you get in touch with Tanya ( In expectation of this perhaps you can start to think about a short 10 – 20 sec message that you or your child might want to express and we’ll be in touch with more details soon.

The P&F met last Monday over Zoom. At this time we’re very focused on ensuring that our community is safe and supported. That means that for the time being we’ll be putting any notion of fundraising on the back burner.  We had hoped to contribute to the building of a new playground area but we’re very reluctant to put pressure on the community at this time. You are still very welcome to contribute financially toward this but it is at your discretion and you should not feel pressured in any way. If you do want to make a contribution please can you email and we’ll send you info on how to do this.

We have had some interest in getting some shirts made for parents with the JCS branding on them. An example of this is shown below and we’re interested in a virtual show of hands as to who would be interested in buying these. The cost is likely to be ~$60 which will be volume dependent. These are mens and we’re enquiring as to appropriate sizes or styles for women. At this point if you could simply get in touch with your class parent to indicate that you would be interested in buying one that would be terrific – this will help us to confirm pricing and then we’ll be able to proceed on this.

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Many thanks

Tanya (on behalf of the P&F)