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From the Headmaster

The five word list of School Values:  Stillness, Truthfulness, Courage, Service, Respect are all one-word summaries of longer calls to action…
Know thyself – Stillness
Speak the truth – Truthfulness
Display self-control, inner strength and right action – Courage
Serve and care for all – Service
Work together with love, honour and respect for one another – Respect
And each of these values has a series of questions which are designed to elicit thoughtful and creative implementation of the particular Value.  Read More

For example, the four questions relating to Stillness:
1. Am I still?
2. Am I peaceful?
3. Am I aware of myself?
4. Am I awake and aware of others?
Just asking these questions quietly in moments of activity or even stress can have an immediate calming effect.
We have four questions for Courage:
1. Are my words and actions truthful?
2. Can I forgive others?
3. Do I meet challenges with resilience?
4. Do I step up to protect those in need?
Over the next few weeks we ll look at this newly minted School Value in more detail.
In the meantime, I would like to commend the children and teachers for a very smooth, orderly and happy start to the year.  The heavy rain did not help things, but nor did it dampen our spirits.  Well done everyone.  And a special welcome to our new Lower 1st class and parents.

Gilbert Mane