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From the P&F

I trust this finds you well.  Last week we finally had sufficient sunshine to hold the events that had been postponed in Term 1.  Here is a roundup of what has been and what is to come!

  • Hot Cross Buns this may seem a dim and distant event, it raised over $300, a huge thank you to Manjula G for making it happen, to the admin staff who helped behind the scenes and the parents and children who helped get the buns out on the day!
  • Walkathon it turned out to be 3rd time luck for our annual walkathon!  In fact the change of date was a blessing in disguise as it was a much better temperature for the children to walk round in and future walkathons will be held at a similar time.  Money raised for this (and other events) will go towards the Solar Panels that will, in the long term, help reduce the school’s energy bills.  A big thank you to Cherry H who organised the event and to all the parents who turned out on the day to help we couldn t do these events without you. Please send your child’s sponsorship money in ASAP preferred method is by bank transfer with the following reference WALK Class/es Kids Surname as the reference e.g. WALK 6T 5CD Hopley
  • Movie Night went down a treat too, there was very little spare grass to sit on due to the turnout.  Again the change of date (although a little chilly) was more suitable for the younger children to attend as with the time change we could hold it earlier.  Although this is more of a social than a fund raising event we managed to raise $230 which is great.  A big thank you to Ray Burquest, Toni Cleaves, Kresho Sprem, Mr Aldo and the school’s administrative staff who worked behind the scenes to make this happen!
  • Cyber Safety Talk Thursday 1st June 6:30pm will be at the school – for parents only – this is a great talk on cyber safety by an external specialist and highly recommended to attend
  • Open Day Sunday 28th May –  Doodle Calendars will be released soon for each family to donate time to helping on the day
  • Gala Dinner Friday 8th September don t forget to put this date in your diary more info coming shortly if you have any ideas or suggestions for items we can auction please send them to me (via your class parent if you don t have my email)
  • Shakespeare Costume Help We urgently need somebody or two people to volunteer looking after the Shakespeare Costume room in essence it is receipting the costumes and accessories when they come in and returning them to their correct place within the room.  More details are elsewhere in this newsletter.  If you think you may have time to help please contact your class representative to contact me.
  • Minutes of the P&F Meeting  – minutes of the meeting held on 1st May have been circulated you should have received them from your class parent by now
  • Next P&F Meeting Monday 19th June

I think that wraps it all up.  Do keep an eye on this newsletter and emails from your class parents for the upcoming Open Day there will be calls to help /action and we really appreciate your prompt response.