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From the P&F corner

The new year has begun and we have started with the priorities that were identified in the 2014 survey. The survey had 85 responses. There are 130 families in the school.
1. COLA: Outdoor learning area is in discussion with school
2. Community: focus is on engagement of families in 2015. It is a year of significant change at JCS and the motto to inspire us as the school reaches 30 years is “Love our School”. Fundraising events will be limited.
3. Lunch: The school menu provides our children with the required nutrition as evidenced by the external audit in 2014. Copies are available from the office or P&F on request. We have requested the school to minimise providing children with “plain” options unless they have dietary requirements! 
4. Gifted & Talented/extension/special needs: in discussion with school

5. Open Day: format to contain parent workload and improve reach to potential new families in discussion with school
Keep in touch with us so that we can do our best to represent the parent body at JCS.

Indu Balachandran
P&F President, 2015