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From the P&F corner

Our new Vice President, Vik D, has hit the ground running with some new initiatives. He is working with the school on a LinkedIn group for parents. You may well see an invitation soon. Vik is also keen to start a Table Tennis group with parents. There have been a few keen parents. Please contact him if you’d like to have a shot at it.

Our new Secretary, Clare J, is leading the charge on an initiative to build our own understanding of our school parent community. We would like to profile a parent/family each week in the newsletter, so we can learn a little more about each other and the diverse variety of interests, talents and backgrounds we have in our community.  If you are interested in sharing a little about yourself please get in touch with her. Don’t hesitate to nominate someone whose achievements the school community should celebrate together.
See you at the Movie Night on 7th March. Or at the next P&F meeting on 2nd March.

Indu Balachandran 
P&F President, 2015