From the Stage Coodinators: 19/11/12 - image  on

From the Stage Coodinators: 19/11/12

This week’s major event was the Primary Intra-School Chess Competition:  35 children entered which was wonderful.  They battled it out over six rounds and the winner will be announced.  Thanks are due to the generous Mrs. Heather Berlee and the redoubtable Miro:  their enthusiasm and commitment are what carries this event along.  Next week on Thursday we have the Infants version and we are expecting some serious contests!

Manners:  following on from our theme last week, we will target manners in speech this week:

∑         Always speaking the truth

∑         Addressing one another with respect and clarity

∑         Using names as appropriate

∑         Looking people in the eye and engaging with focus

∑         Not interrupting others when they are already engaged

∑         Modulating the voice as required

Let’s all give it a try!
From the Stage Coodinators: 19/11/12 - image xmascandles on
Christmas cake candle holders by 2nd class W