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From the Stage Coordinators: 10/6/13

Congratulations to the winners of the Sanskrit Competition, and indeed to all the children.  Their delivery was excellent, and what was outstanding was the way in which they listened to each other as an audience, showing great respect to one another.  Mrs. Childs has to be congratulated for her organising of the event, and also the House Captains who so astutely judged the Heats.  It is so obvious that events such as this one go a long way in developing the children’s confidence and courage to stand before a large group of people and deliver a piece so beautifully.  The children who falter and then carry on are especially to be praised.

Dr. Jenni Cover and Mrs. Naomi Smith both Sanskrit scholars, are to be thanked for their encouraging remarks, and of course for their judging: this is always a most difficult task due to the high standard of the children’s performances.

On Wednesday the Headmaster hosted a breakfast for all the Open Day, Fair and Art Show volunteers:   unfortunately there was not much notice given but about 25 people came, and had a delightful time, quaffing tea and nibbling Donna’s delicious breakfast.

Donna also attended the Live Life Well @ School, and she and the teachers who went along will be planning, with Alex D, how we will further implement this programme.  Donna reports that we are already doing many of the recommended things:  apparently there are many grants available and a committee is being formed to work towards accessing these grants and subsidies for classes, the kitchen and our proposed school garden.

Please encourage the children to follow through on a current practice standing aside for adults:  this is very much in line with our Value of Respect, and has such an uplifting effect.

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Infants Mistress Mrs Judith Donald, left, with some parents at the morning tea.