From the Stage Coordinators: 11/2/13 - image  on

From the Stage Coordinators: 11/2/13

The children are to be congratulated on their steadiness and the way in which they have settled down to work. The school has a very settled feel about it and the children are enjoying having lunch in MacLaren Hall each day.

This week we will continue on the theme of Care Always give of your best.  Teachers are focusing on shirts tucked in, shoelaces done and uniform worn correctly to leave the school.

 We look forward to the Primary Swimming Carnival on Wednesday 20th February. It will begin at 11.30am and is due to end at 2.30pm. The way in which the children swim one race after another is quite amazing.

We hope to see many parents at the annual Board of Governors Reception this Friday evening 15th February.  The short presentations are a good way of learning more about the school’s administration and plans.