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From the Stage Coordinators: 11/3/13

Value being practised: Respect.  The children have been encouraged to respect each other in every way.  This is proceeding well, and has been enthusiastically received by the children.

The new issue of our pamphlet on the School’s Vision, Mission and Values has been published.  Copies, as promised, have been sent to the parents of the new Lower First Class.  If any other parent wishes an updated copy, please speak to Mrs. Griffiths at the Reception desk.  And by the way, Lower First parents will also soon be receiving a Sanskrit and transliterated version of our Pause .  Mrs. Griffiths will also have copies of these available for anyone else who wishes one.

The Headmaster and Mrs. Mane are currently at the Headmasters Conference at which he is speaking, and we have had brief emails letting us know that all is going well there.  Look forward to breaking news about it on his return!

Shakespeare is looming again and Zoe Emanuel begins her drama coaching in the Infants Department this week.  Rehearsals will begin in earnest next term, and the performances for the Infants Shakespeare Festival will be held at school at the beginning of Term 3. 

Good news – Geraldine West and Donna Taylor have very generously offered their services to streamline and organise the Shakespeare/Nativity costume collection and our range of props .  Teachers are sighing with relief &.  It’s a huge job that these two ladies have undertaken and we are most grateful.

There are whispers about, regarding the possibility of starting a Gardening Club for some interested children after school.  Keep your ears open for something louder, because support and help will be needed if it gets off the ground!  (Whoops, into the ground would be better!)

The Pick Up Zone has been running smoothly and efficiently, thank you, and your continued co-operation will be most appreciated.

Enjoy these lillies by 4th class students this week…

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