From the Stage Coordinators: 12/11/12 - image  on

From the Stage Coordinators: 12/11/12

The Shakespeare Festival is over and now it’s preparation for Speech Night and also our Christmas Celebration:  Carols, Bible Readings and the 2nd Class Nativity.  The school reverberates with the sound of music.   We can look forward to two wonderful events as theChoir Mistresses and 2nd class teachers prepare their magic!

It is worthy of comment to say that there has been a noticeable improvement in manners about the school:

∑         Children standing aside at doors

∑         Opening doors for others

∑         Greeting teachers

∑         Waiting quietly whilst teachers and others finish conversations

∑         Stopping ball games when adults are passing and in danger of being hit

Please do encourage the children to transfer this consideration for others to out-of-school contexts.  Remember the old adage Manners maketh Man !

Please also encourage your children to leave school dressed properly most of them arrive at school wearing full uniform, shoes done up and shirts tucked in, hair neatly done.  Given there will be a little wear and tear, let’s help them to leave school also properly dressed.  Many thanks.

 From the Stage Coordinators: 12/11/12 - image xmaswreath-blog on Wreath by an infants art student.