From the Stage Coordinators: 14/09/12 - image  on

From the Stage Coordinators: 14/09/12

The weather was once again kind to us for the Infant’s Sports carnival which was an exciting and entertaining event where the children, as usual, gave of their all.

The Headmaster, Mrs Mane and I were lucky enough to visit Milson Island last Wednesday where the 3rd and 4th classes were enjoying being out of the city and lapping up the challenges of an adventurous environment.  We watched some canoeing, archery, and a hilarious episode of raft building and testing.

Reports from Canberra indicate that the 5th and 6th classes are embarking in their fairly full daily schedule with enthusiasm and interest.  Over the years the staff at Parliament House, and other venues, have commented on the good manners of the children, their knowledge of how the democratic process works, and the interest and depth of their questions. 

The children have continued to work attentively and diligently even though the term is drawing to a close.

We wish you a restful and refreshing holiday and express our sincere appreciation for your continued support.