From the Stage Coordinators: 17/6/13 - image  on

From the Stage Coordinators: 17/6/13

School Reports - a good time to set goals

Last week and this week are the Weeks of Reckoning , with Parent-Teacher Interviews and Mid-Year Reports being sent out!  Another way to approach this is to think of it as setting goals for the second half of the year reinforcing the good bits and working on the not-so-good!  The children have worked hard and are, no doubt, looking forward to the three week break.

As you know, we have worked on honesty this term, and in particular having the courage to own up.  Here is a story with a happy ending:  the Art Teacher reported that children had been putting sand in the outdoor troughs on the Art Room verandah, blocking the drains and making them inoperable.  The children were asked to stop this and it was explained why.  Nothing more was said and no-one was asked to own up.   A short while later a boy from the Infants approached the Infants Mistress and very quietly said that he had done it and was sorry.   A spontaneous admission!  He was praised for his courage, and then he faced the consequence, which was an apology in the right quarters.  This is the kind of behaviour we hope to encourage.

We are still working on standing aside for adults, and this is certainly a practice to keep up during the holidays.  Warm wishes for a restful and enjoyable break!