From the stage coordinators: 18/3/13 - image  on

From the stage coordinators: 18/3/13

Welcome back to the Headmaster we managed without him, but he was sorely missed, and we don t envy him his email backlog!  Welcome also to Mrs. Mane, who went with him.

Respect:  At Assembly on Monday, we had some beautiful examples of ways in which the children could respect each other.  This is our continuing practice for this week, and it would be wonderful if it could spill over to respect for siblings!!

The Walkathon is looming on the horizon.    Your children should be working hard to get as many sponsors as possible we heard a rumour that there are great expectations that we will raise a record amount.  A reminder that every child will need to be sun protected sun hats, water, and well hydrated legs!   Sports uniform of course, since it is Friday anyway, and PISA children will be hurried to the oval as soon as possible.  PISA children are to bring their usual packed lunch, but the rest of the school will eat in the dining room in the normal way.

Sanskrit:  Many thanks are due to the dedicated and enthusiastic ladies who come to John Colet to teach Sanskrit to the children on a weekly basis.  They are currently preparing the children for the annual Sanskrit Recitation, as well as teaching the Sanskrit alphabet, grammar and vocabulary; this is presented in story form for translation at the various class levels, and begins in a very simple way in Lower First.   You will all have read about the Sanskrit dedication (the pause) that we use, and copies are available at the Reception desk.