From the Stage Coordinators: 5/11/12 - image  on

From the Stage Coordinators: 5/11/12

How is it that every year the plays seem to get better and better?    Last week was indeed a Feast of Drama!” 

∑         Congratulations to the children for their performances, enthusiasm, steadiness;

∑         thanks to the teachers whose continuing devotion to the outcome of the Festival is remarkable; 

∑        thanks to those teachers who ran the gauntlet for the first time;

∑        acknowledgements to the inimitable Zoe Emanuel and her supportive directing and ideas;

∑        and last not least, to the Headmaster for his consistent presence and amusing compering!

What was also noticeable, and rather pleasing, was what parents and friends didn t see.  The backstage scenario:  the work of the parents in costuming, hair and makeup;  the ancillary  teachers who worked to give backstage support to teachers and children;  and also the obvious care that the children themselves took behind the scenes, in helping each other with cues, entrances, quick costume changes and props. 

All in all it was the wonderful culmination of much effort.  The School’s Values were very evident!