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From the Stage Coordinators: 20/5/13

The school is abuzz with preparations for Open Day, as teachers and their classes  work towards producing the magnificent displays of work we see each year, and also the performances for Open Day.  Mothers are here and there, too, quietly preparing for one of the year’s big events.

Another event is to take place this coming week, and that is John Colet Day.  Governors of the school are invited and the school’s namesake, John Colet, will be honoured by staff and children.  There will be some recitation and singing, and also a morning tea for the visiting Board members.  Parents are welcome, but please be warned space is limited.

Amongst the several young people currently working at the School (see last week’s Note), we have Andrea Mego (pictured) who arrived only last week from Johannesburg, South Africa and will be at the school till the end of term 4.  This visit to John Colet is a real adventure for Andrea who has never been out of South Africa before, and indeed, who enjoyed her first aeroplane flight (though not the considerable jet lag!). 

This is indeed a big adventure for her.  Andrea is a fifth generation South African of Indian origin.  She did her primary education at our sister school in Johannesburg, St. James, and in fact the current Headmaster of Erasmus School in Melbourne, Glen Miller, was her class teacher at St. James.  High School was completed at the Nirvana Secondary School.  She has joined the Donald household, and is interested in reading, interacting with children, cooking, walking and hiking.     Best of luck, Andrea!

Third and fifth classes have been doing NAPLAN tests this week and every time we walk past a class they have their heads down and are extremely quiet, attentive and hard working.  The teachers are pleased with their performance and feel that the children have certainly given of their best.

Honesty linked with the courage to own up are still very much our behaviour focus, and this seems to be going well.  We heartily encourage the children to practise this both at home, school and abroad.
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