From the Stage Coordinators: 22/10/12 - image  on

From the Stage Coordinators: 22/10/12

At each Monday assembly we have gone through the school values with the children so that they learn them by heart, and in so doing these values may be available to the children as they pass through the vicissitudes of life.

The school values are presented to the children as:-

∑         Stillness

∑         Truthfulness

∑         Care

∑         Service

∑         Respect

As mentioned last week, this term we are practicing care with an emphasis on giving attention and presenting things beautifully.

Excitement is starting to build up as the Primary Shakespeare Festival approaches.  Words of the Bard can be heard emanating from the classrooms of Shakespeare and Colet House, sometimes with some vigour!  The costume room has been frequently visited and things are beginning to take shape in the various productions.

The filming of the school and children has been successfully completed, and we look forward to viewing the final footage.  The filmmakers did warn the children that even if they have been filmed, they may not appear in the final rendition, as they film many hours worth but the completed version will only be about 6-8 minutes.