From the Stage Coordinators: 25/2/13 - image  on

From the Stage Coordinators: 25/2/13

PRIMARY SWIMMING CARNIVAL: What a great event!  The children are to be commended for their enthusiasm, efforts, courage and sportsmanship.  Well done children.  Commendations also for the new House Captains in rallying and directing their houses.

FOOD AT RECESS:   John Colet School promotes a healthy diet for the children and we consider this to be of great importance both nutritionally and also setting good eating habits for later life.  For recess could parents please send fruit or other healthy items.  We would ask your co-operation in not sending chips, highly flavoured snacks, lollies and chocolates.  Please also remember that we are a nut free school!

WOMBAT CROSSING:  Please ensure that the children are standing well behind the yellow line and that they wait to be called by the crossing lady before they enter the crossing.

PICK UP ZONE:  Parents are asked to assist with the efficiency and safety of this procedure by:

∑         Clearly displaying family names of children being collected;

∑         Moving up towards the front of the line of cars wherever space permits, thus making space for others to move forward behind you;

∑         Loading as quickly as possible whilst remaining in the car; 

∑         Refraining from engaging the teachers in conversation or from asking questions of them: rather ring them after 3.30 when collection is over.    Thank you for your co-operation.