From the stage coordinators: 25/3/13 - image  on

From the stage coordinators: 25/3/13

Thank you very much, Cherry H and Class Mothers for the excellent arrangements and support for the Walkathon.  The P&F had a very ambitious goal for the fundraising and we are hoping it was reached.  The children tackled the walk with courage, enthusiasm and yes, perseverance.  What a delightful afternoon.

Music at John Colet  This year we have been joined by a very experienced and enthusiastic Music and Choir Mistress,  Michaela Miles,  who has replaced our long-standing and hard-working  former Choir and Music Mistresses,  Sarah Mane and  Judith Irvine.  The two latter ladies worked for many years and have established a great tradition of singing at the school, which Mrs. Miles will carry forward.  In addition, the children have the opportunity to learn piano (Jodie Law and Judith Irvine), violin (Cathryn Crossing) and flute (Denise Farrelly).  Children are withdrawn from class on a roster basis to learn these instruments.    We are very fortunate to have these ladies they offer a very high standard of tuition.

This week sees the celebration of one of the holiest days in the Christian tradition, Easter, which is marked by a long weekend and many events:  spiritual and traditional, festive and social.   We wish you well over this short holiday period. 

School, of course, goes on for another couple of weeks!  Our practice of respect, for ourselves and others, continues.