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From the Stage Coordinators: 26/11/12

Our core values of Care, Respect and Service are all embodied in the practice of good manners.

It has been quite obvious around the school that the children are practising last week’s direction relating to speaking to others:  amongst other things, addressing people by name, looking at them, speaking clearly and not interrupting.   Please and thank you also go a long way!  It would be excellent to support this at home and abroad.

This week we will target standing aside for adults at doorways.  This little courtesy requires wakefulness, and the respect it engenders helps everyone to be more mindful of one another.

Rehearsals for the Christmas Celebration are going full steam ahead.  The performance of the Nativity and carols will be held upstairs in Shakespeare House on Tuesday 27th November, from 9.00 to 10.00 a.m.  We are looking forward to a delightful presentation.  This is also the occasion when children are invited to bring a Christmas present (unwrapped) for the underprivileged.  The Treasure Chest into which they go (they are then delivered to the Smith Family) will be outside the Office on the day.

Unfortunately both Mistresses will be away from School on that day attending an In-service Course at the Association of Independent Schools about the new Curriculum for schools.  The Headmaster will be your host!

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Angel by Iona, L 1st M