From the Stage Coordinators: 29/10/12 - image  on

From the Stage Coordinators: 29/10/12

John Bell, Founder and Director of the Bell Shakespeare Company, who is Patron of the John Colet Shakespeare Festival, came to the school on Wednesday to see a specially crafted programme of snippets from each of the class productions.  The children were excited to perform, and, as always, Mr Bell was delighted!  The Primary children were full of questions and John Bell was generous in his responses.

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The Shakespeare Festival looms on the horizon and there is a general level of anticipation as last minute preparations of performance, costume and props are put into place.  We fully expect the usual excellence and enjoyment for and from the children and the audiences.    Have you bought your tickets??

The Infants will be going to the Sydney Symphony at the ABC, and have been well prepared by Mrs. Tefay.  Unfortunately this clashes with the Wednesday Glen Street performance, but the children will catch up and see a dress rehearsal at school.

Everyone should be in full summer uniform by now.  If we have another unexpected cold snap as happened last week, children should wear blazers and not jumpers to and from school.  Blazers are compulsory for 5th and 6th class.  Some laxity has crept in with headgear and unfortunately some of the older children have had recess detentions as a consequence.  

Photos:  Ann-Maree Moodie