From the Stage Coordinators: 18/2/13 - image  on

From the Stage Coordinators: 18/2/13

All students should be wearing the correct school uniform.  There was a two-year phasing in of the new style. For both boys and girls this means blazers, school jumpers and vests with the new school crest.  Boys shirts should have a school crest on the pocket, as the senior girls have on their new blouses; the new-style boys school caps have an embroidered eagle.  (There is a small exception:  this year’s 6th class have been given permission to see out their final year in the older blazer to save buying this expensive item for just one year.)

Please ensure that your children are correctly equipped, and that all items of clothes are clearly named in a place on the garment that is easy to find!  This makes life so much easier and hopefully leads to less loss.

Another aspect of the school uniform is to ensure that the children look neatly and properly dressed when they leave at the end of the day.  A uniform is something to be proud of, as it denotes our membership of a particular group and reflects back on that group.  After School Care is often an area where uniform may need attention at the end of the day, as the children would have been playing and relaxing.    Putting on full school uniform at that point is also a way of making sure that nothing gets left.

Respect: The behaviour focus this term is respect of one another and respect of place:  to this end we have been practising silence on entering the Assembly Hall and Lunch Room, respect for the Headmaster and teachers by giving full attention and listening.  The children’s response to this reinstated protocol has been outstanding.  This includes the new Lower First intake, who have been remarkable in their steadiness both at Assembly and at lunch, no doubt due in part to the example set by the older children.   Well done!

The Golden Rule: The Headmaster introduced the children to this Rule at Assembly this week, and the children seem to have taken this on board too!  Ask them to explain it to you.
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Wonderful owl artwork by Mrs Renshaw’s all boys 3rd class.