From the Stage Coordinators: 31/08/12 - image  on

From the Stage Coordinators: 31/08/12

With the Infant’s Shakespeare Festival only just brought to a glorious conclusion the Primary is now starting to gain momentum, and the Bard’s words can again be heard reverberating throughout the school.  It’s amazing how the children get better from year to year.  They look as if they have reached the peak of what children their age can do, and then go on to excel themselves.

Also, at the present time, there is  much practice around the school in the sporting area as the Infants prepare for their carnival, which is always such a delight, and so good for the children in terms of building fortitude, courage, sportsmanship and much more.  Mrs Dunn took our best sports children to the IPSHA Athletics Carnival last Tuesday and they certainly made a valiant effort – a good time was had by all, particularly Mrs Dunn!

We very much appreciate your co-operation in the area of uniform and understand that it’s not always easy, particularly with hats and caps.  The standard of uniform has been good over the term and we wish to thank you for your co-operation and continued efforts.

The children are still practicing service and the school has a harmonious feel about it the children certainly seem very happy.