From the Stage Coordinators: 28/3/13 - image  on

From the Stage Coordinators: 28/3/13

From the Stage Coordinators: 28/3/13 - image 2013-easterhatparade-blog on

Happy Easter to all we hope that everyone enjoys the break and that the present balmy weather holds out.   Don t forget to come back for the last two weeks of term!!  We know it’s tempting &.

The Lower First performance and Easter Hat Parade was a delight and the parents obviously thought so too because there were many mobile phones clicking and even a few moist eyes!  The children visited all the other classes to wish everyone a Happy Easter.  This was enjoyed by one and all.

Great enthusiasm and excitement has been shown by the children for the lunch time Easter Egg Guessing Competition ( How Many Easter Eggs are in this jar? )  set up by Donna Moor and her tireless kitchen crew.  We had guesses between 22 and 475, but the nearest guess was that of Brigitte S from 5th Class.  The answer was 114 and Brigitte guessed 113. The Easter eggs were shared with her whole class.    

Administration:  We are continuing our weekly feature highlighting one of the School’s departments.

We are all admirably and generously served by the Admin Dept. headed up by Christine Condos, the School’s Bursar.  Bav Bhandari is the Office Manager, and oversees Catering, After School Care and Uniforms, but most importantly she is the Paymaster who keeps the wolf from the door.

Carmen Griffiths is our frontline as the Receptionist, and you would all have had dealings with her in her many capacities, and also Bobbi Ladomatis who is on Reception once a week.  Bobbi  handles Student Health and Uniforms as well.   Toni Cleaves is our Facilities Manager who cares for our gardens and buildings and arranges maintenance and refurbishment  with ample help from Groundsman Karl Werner.  Alex Coubrough looks after Marketing and publishes the Weekly Note, as well as being very active in her role as a School parent.   Denise Farrelly looks after fees, and Marie Laure Aymonier is a bookkeeper and visits us several times a week.

You would all have engaged with Lynne Werner, a very long-standing employee who now serves as the Registrar.   Mrs. Sarah Mane is Assistant to the Headmaster, and is and has been responsible in the last few years for work done on special projects.

I am sure you find all these Staff members very responsive and friendly in your dealings with them we do!

Lower First and their Easter Hats