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From the Stage Coordinators: 4/2/2013

What a wonderful start to the year to have Colet House open and up and running after being out of action most of last year.  A big thank you to all who pushed to have it ready for the start of the year:  it now offers a refurbished and dynamic kitchen under the leadership of Donna Moor (let’s get out priorities right!);  a restyled hall spaciously housing us for assemblies, singing and lunch; three bright classrooms and the staff work room and common room, as well as offices for the Mistresses (that’s where you will find us).

Another warm welcome to new staff:  Mrs. Judith Navidi for 3rd class, Miss Simona Cipollone for Upper 1st, and Miss Sarah Marley for one of the new Lower 1st classes.

The new recruits have settled into various classes, and in particular the new Lower 1st  children seem to have taken to school like ducks to water, with minimal fuss and tears!  Seventeen of them have siblings at John Colet, and all of them seem to have been well prepared:  holiday get-togethers no doubt helped.


We would like to remind you that there will be a Board of Governors Reception for parents and staff at 7.30 p.m. in the Hall on Friday 15th February ;  this incorporates the P&F AGM and re-elections!  Last year’s P&F was large and very supportive, and we hope this continues.

So welcome back to all and we look forward to a happy, fulfilled and very productive year!

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Some of our new Lower First students at lunch in the dining hall.