From the Stage Coordinators: 4/3/13 - image  on

From the Stage Coordinators: 4/3/13

This value is being practised by the children with the emphasis on looking and listening. The teachers are enjoined to look in particular for the good in the children.

National English Curriculum for 2014
The National English Curriculum is due to be implemented in all New South Wales Schools in 2014.

John Colet is preparing for this process: for our Teachers Week study in January, we invited a consultant from the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) to workshop this new syllabus over a full day, which means that the teachers are well on the way to becoming familiar with its content and requirements. Further study will be undertaken during this year to refine the process so that teachers will be ready by the end of the year.

What a joy to have the kitchen open again, under the marvellous direction of Donna Moor and her team. We are being treated daily to culinary delights and you will be pleased to hear that the children are being encouraged to eat fruit and to be adventurous in trying new tastes. A variety of proteins and carbohydrates is being offered with bread only occasionally. All special dietary requirements are being met. The children are enjoying a relaxed and nourishing meal: they particularly warm to the social aspect of the lunch table, and are often seen to be caring for and serving each other.