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From the Stage Coordinators

Our wonderful art department...

We hope you are enjoying the holidays!

The new term coming up will be the time to pick up the threads of last term’s excellent start, after what will have been, we hope, a refreshing break.  The coming term brings with it one of our major annual events the Open Day and Fair and its adjunct the Art Show; we move towards the NAPLAN testing in May and rehearsals for the Infants Shakespeare Festival, held early in Term 3, will begin to hot up as Term  Two progresses.

Our attention will be on Honesty which is how we practically apply the School Value of speaking the truth.  This is a large part of the development of good character in the child, and the courage to own up and speak the truth should be supported in the child at every turn.  More of this anon.

Our Art Department boasts two highly trained and experienced art teachers:  Mrs. Annette Gadsby (National Art School) and Juli-Anne Allcorn (Shillito Design School).  Both ladies have worked devotedly at John Colet for many years, and are still actively involved in the art world.  Alex Coubrough has assisted in this Department for several years, alongside her artistic management of the website and blog.  When asked about the special nature of art in relation to a child’s education, Annette responded:

We consider visual arts to be an important learning area.  It helps with the development of the whole child by giving opportunities for creative expression and by developing concentration and fine motor skills.  The exposure to accomplished and beautiful works of art nurtures visual literacy in the same way reading great written literature nurtures the inner being of the child.  The ability to find peace and stillness in a simple activity such as observational drawing is a life- long asset. Children are naturally creative and visual arts provides the opportunity for this creativity to find a form of expression.  Working together as art teachers and with the children is a time of joyous collaboration and inspiration.

Both art teachers are currently studying drawing and painting with artist Daniel Pata as part of their ongoing commitment to visual art education.

John Colet has had a long term relationship with the Art Gallery of NSW and both Juli and Annette were invited to become Critical Friends of the Art Gallery for two years; they have worked on the children’s programme for the Archibald Prize.