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Honesty in focus

Honesty is our focus.  From our Assembly on Monday, it is apparent that the issue of courage, related  to owning up and telling the full story ,  is very clear to the children because they were able themselves to speak about this.  Please do encourage this at home.  It stands a person in very good stead to learn this lesson early in life.  It’s always very refreshing when a person can admit a mistake!

In case you have noticed an influx of young faces around the school here is an explanation!

We currently have four Trainee Teachers working at the school:  with Miss Marley we have Ellen Murphy, with Miss White Christian Pikhart, with Mrs. McDermott we have James Foley and Mrs. Renshaw has Cat Ellis on Fridays.  We would also like to announce the arrival of a Gap Student from South Africa, Andrea Mego, who will be at John Colet till the end of this year.

On Wednesday we had an evening talk at the school, given by Miss Anisha Ramlaul.  This is her second visit to Australia she came last year to raise the profile of her growing school St. James in Durban South Africa, and also to raise some funds!  She is the Headmistress of that school.

She showed two delightful and informative DVD s, showcasing the students and their activities.  The response from the audience was very promising in terms of funding possibilities, and we hope for a happy outcome.  We wish Anisha well in her enterprise!  Anyone interested in contributing to this cause should speak to the Headmaster, or to Katrina Beissel (P&F).
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Anisha Ramlaul with Mr Mane