From the Stage Coordinators: 7/09/12 - image  on

From the Stage Coordinators: 7/09/12

There is an air of excitement around the school as the Primary children prepare to go on their yearly excursions to Milson Island and Canberra. 

Three days at Milson Island, engaging in outdoor activities, does wonders for the children.  There is also a great communal spirit as the children bunk together, eat together and engage in group activities.  These situations build and strengthen friendships in the children, develop their character, and help them work with, and care for, others.  They are also given the opportunity to engage in adventurous challenges within the context of a safe environment.

Canberra is quite a different excursion where the children learn about our government and the value of a democracy.  When I have been to Canberra with the 5th and 6th Class I have always been impressed by their maturity, helpfulness and general consideration for others.  We place a great deal of emphasis on the building of character in the children and this usually becomes very evident during the Canberra excursion.

The Infants are looking forward to their Sports Carnival next week this is always a delightful experience for one and all.  We hope that the weather stays kind and look forward to the day.