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From the Stage Coordinators:13/8/12

The gods were definitely on our side on sports day and everyone was commenting on the benign weather which helped to make the day such a pleasant and successful one.
Another aspect that contributed to the success of the event was the attitude of the children.  At Assembly on Monday the Headmaster asked the children about good sportsmanship and many of them spoke of courage, honouring each other’s performance, cheering each other’s houses and giving full support to those children who are not quite so sporty.  The event is an end in itself and can be enjoyed by all, winners, losers and spectators. 
This is an ethos which will hold the children in good stead as they get older and it should be totally encouraged.  An enormous amount of work goes into the organisation of this and a technological first should be noted Mrs Layton recorded results directly onto the computer! Many thanks to Mrs Dunn and Mrs Layton.
The next major event is the Infant’s Shakespeare festival beginning this week with full dress rehearsals staged for the Primary.
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