Full line-up at our Music Concert this Thursday 16th November - image  on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

Full line-up at our Music Concert this Thursday 16th November

The following students are taking part in our End of Year concert for students who are learning an instrument or voice with JCS music teachers. 

Byron M –  Guitar – Perpetual Motion (S. Suzuki) 

Joshua J – Guitar –  Allegretto (M. Giuliani) 

Dominic S – Piano – ‘Lullaby’

Isabella C – Piano – ‘A Song About Cats’

Gerry M – Voice – ‘Blackbird’ by The Beatles

Ayush S – Piano – ‘Play a 4th’

Evolette T – Voice – ‘Girl On Fire’ by Alicia Keys

Alethea F – Piano – ‘The Aquarium’ by C. Saints-Saëns

Ellston C –  Piano – ‘Tequila Sunrise’

Sophie R – Voice – ‘Just Around the River Bend’ from Pocohontas

Eloise H – Piano – TBC

Lily M – Piano – ‘Malagueña’

Alexis W – Voice – ‘Listen’ by Beyoncé from Dreamgirls

Luka S – Piano – ‘Gnomes Marching’

Nakita N – Piano – ‘Paper Airplanes’

Ceanne G – Voice – ‘Defying Gravity’ from Wicked

Vanessa C – Piano – TBC

Heidi P – Voice – ‘Titanium’ by Sia

Antonia S – Piano – ‘A Night Journey’

Chloe M – Voice – ‘Gabriella’s Song’ from As It Is In Heaven

Aditya G – Piano – ‘A Friend Like You’

Alexis W – Piano – ‘Alouette’

Sachin K – Piano – ‘Royal March of the Lion’

Xin Y – Piano – ‘Blue Scales’

Marley K-J  – Voice – ‘Rise Up’ by Andrea Day

David M – Piano – ‘Nobody Knows The Trouble I’m In’

Lucia C – Voice – ‘Popular’ from the musical Wicked

John Colet Instrumental Ensemble – Conducted by Ms R Johnston
Annika P, Frankie L, Lila J, William W, Gemma P, Sascha K, Elizabeth W

‘Largo’ by A. Dvorak
‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ by E. Grieg
‘Deck the Halls’ – Trad. arr by OzFabb