Fully integrated visual arts program, taught by artists

The Visual Arts Program: A basic aspect of the John Colet School philosophy of education is that children need physical, mental, emotional and spiritual input every day.  And that they should be given the best.  What does this mean in practice? 

The visual arts program is a

fully integrated & important learning area

It helps with the development of the whole child by giving opportunities for creative expression and by developing concentration and fine motor skills. Through studying art, children develop visual literacy, and an understanding of cultural symbols and the importance of artistic expression as a means of communication.

Art at John Colet is artist based, in that the children see themselves as artists producing artworks. They learn about the works of a variety of artists and study the different ways art is produced. This is in keeping with the current curriculum.

The children’s work is grounded in drawing: firstly from observation of natural forms, and then still life, mark making, pattern making, portraiture, landscape and creative drawing.

The ability to design and produce a finished artwork is encouraged which culminates in the making of artworks in the different mediums of painting, sculpture, ceramics and print making

There is a strong emphasis on culture based art, for example in Aboriginal art, not just learning about dot painting, but coming to an understanding of the ideology behind the artworks. This process of examining art through culture applies also to Asian, Indian and Islamic art etc. This gives the children a deep understanding and appreciation of different cultures. They also study the great art movements in the western world such as the Renaissance, Impressionism and Contemporary art and through this study learn how art is an expressive and integral part of life and human expression for all times.

TheVisual Arts Program