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Gap Students and Education Students add to JCS


We have been very lucky this term to have had the assistance of two “bright young things” from the U.K.:   Joy Mendes da Costa (pictured below left) has already been with us since mid-year 2013 and has made herself almost indispensable!  Joy went to St. James School in London, our “mother school”, and when she leaves Australia early next month, she will firstly be going to Geneva to undertake an intensive 3-week French language course.  After that she will be a volunteer pancake maker at “Art in Action”, a large and very successful annual event staged by the School of Philosophy to host a wide range of artists who demonstrate their art and sell their wares.  This event attracts around 45,000 from the U.K. and Europe.   She’ll be an expert pancake maker by the end of it!   Joy will then will go to the University of York to complete a four-year course in Education.

Olivia Jones (below right) came at the beginning of Term 2, fresh from a month of volunteering at a school in Thailand, and before that, from four months as a nanny in the Cinque Terre, Italy.  Olivia went to Bury Grammar School in Greater Manchester.   In October this year she will begin her studies of Psychology at the University of Bristol.
They have immensely enjoyed their time in Australia, and our wonderful climate, the huge variety of landscapes so different from their own, and the richness and extent of what Sydney has to offer its residents and visitors.  They found Australians to be open, friendly, generous and hospitable, and we won’t be too surprised if they return.
We mustn’t fail to mention that we have also been blessed with the presence this term of two Education students from Notre Dame University who are here for Professional Experience:  Taylor Carmichael and Kristen Wilde.  They too have been of great support and help, and are learning new skills on the job.  Taylor and Kristen will be with us till the end of Term 2.