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Garden Club has a big year

nov 1

Our Garden Glub has flourished this year…
We’ve put in two garden beds, and more herb pots. We’ve started a compost bin. We’ve planted veggies and seedlings and nurtured some plants from seed. We’ve learned some things about plants, insects and the seasons. We’ve been here in rain, hail (!) and blistering sun.

AND we’ve pulled and dug and composted and planted a BUSH TUCKER GARDEN!

Yes. after all the fun and hard work the Bush Tucker plants are planted and growing. We’ll need to care for them over the long, hot summer holidays, then next year JCS will be involved in decorating, dedicating and educating the students about bush tucker (with some help from a friendly Aboriginal Cultural affairs officer.)
The Garden club has proved to be popular, with numbers swelling some weeks to 16 children.
It’s not been all hard work, though. We leave room for fun, and that was the case last week in the 40 degree temperatures. The only thing to do was get wet. So we watered the garden and ourselves in a massive water fight!
Next year we’ll do some more planning for the garden.
Thanks to JCS and all the kids who came along and made garden club what it is. A big thank you also to the best garden teachers in the world, Theresa and Linda, who know how to have fun!

nov 2