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seed bombs

Last week at Garden Club we we made some seed bombs. As you can see, the kids were really hands on with this activity. Just like making mud pies, only more practical!

The balls are made of clay and compost, with a few seeds inside. Once dry, the seeds can stay dormant for up to a year. Apparently native American tribes made seed bombs to store and transport seeds.

Our balls were a bit wet , so they may sprout a little sooner.

The garden needed a lot of watering, and weeding after the hot, dry weather. And some more lovely planter boxes were painted with bright designs. There was even time for a bit of kid composting.

Garden Club continues on Friday afternoons.

Fridays 3pm to 4.15pm.
Cost $13  per child
$10 for sibling discount.
If your child would like to attend, please contact Linda through the school.