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Garden Whispers

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We ‘ve had a busy two weeks at the the Garden Club!

Last week, Theresa and the kids planted some seeds in seed raising mixture. These were taken home by Theresa and will return next week to be dug into our garden beds.
With the Walkathon postponed, there was energy to burn at Garden Club!! There are always a group of very enthusiastic children attending. Its great to see them getting their hands (and in some cases, the whole body &) dirty!

The week before, we created some early Easter decorations, by dyeing hard boiled eggs with food dye. Then, a perennial favourite, an apple bobbing competition! This always involves getting wet, so it’s a great warm weather activity. It’s timely too, as it is moving into Autumn in Australia.
Easter symbolises renewal, and gardens and gardening are a great way for children to be involved in the great cycles of life.
Wishing all John Colet families a wonderful Easter.

Linda and Theresa.