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Garden Whispers

There was a small but enthusiastic group at garden club last week.
Under Theresa’s expert guidance, the old garden beds were cleaned, then compost and mulch added.
Each child planted some loofas, which will hopefully grow into large plants. Yes, you’ve guessed correctly, dried loofah pods are used as skin exfoliators!
We also planted some seedlings. Perhaps some chamomile tea further down the track…
You may have noticed that the beds look a trifle…not exactly untidy, but not all neat edges either. It’s the children’s garden and they do the work, so the garden reflects that.

Garden Club is on Fridays at the moment, but if there is enough interest, it can be changed to another day from third term. Let us know your thoughts.

Fridays 3.13- 4.15pm
Near Top House
$10 per child

Doodle link to enrol here