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Garden Whispers

Last week at Garden Club we completed putting fences around our garden beds. Rabbits have been munching away on our lovely veggies and herbs again. And they really like flowers!

Hopefully the fences are deep enough so that the rabbits can’t dig beneath them.

We also spent some time preparing for Open Day. The children planted some seedlings in punnets, which will be available for sale on our Garden Club Stall.

It’s wonderful to see the children enjoying the work in the garden. We have welcomed some new Lower First children into the club.

Some of the activities we have planned for later in the term include: planting succulents, making organic bug spray, planting more veggies for use in the kitchen, and composting.

Linda went to a Composting Workshop at Kimbricki during the week, and the JCS Garden Club will receive a free compost bin.

Garden Club details:
Fridays 3 to 4.30pm.
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