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Garden Whispers – who can help?

Garden Club continues on Friday afternoons, as this is the only time at present our amazing teacher, Theresa, is available. We have moved the time back to 4.15 finish as 4.30 was too long. Correspondingly the cost is a bit less.
Fridays 3pm to 4.15pm.
Cost $13  per child
$10 for sibling discount.
Where: Garden near Top House.
If your child would like to attend, please contact Linda through the school.
Needed: New Garden Club Coordinators
This will be my last term as Garden Club Coordinator. I have put a lot of energy into the Club and it will be two years at the end of this term. There have been many wonderful moments, and its been great to see the children so involved in making and growing a garden. However, I now need to put my energy into other things. So & if the wonderful JCS Community wants the garden club to continue, please put up your hand. There could be one coordinator, or the role can be shared. 
Theresa has agreed to continue as Garden Club Teacher, and she will take over more of the planning and organising of classes. There is still a need for someone from JCS to liaise with. It wouldn t take up a lot of time.
Please contact Linda if you wish to find out more, or simply have a chat!