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As the school has a strong academic and cultural focus, gifted children are particularly well served by the ambitious curriculum at John Colet.  We have, in addition, a gifted and talented policy of extending students' interests and abilities which includes appropriate acceleration, enrichment and extension programs.

In the core curriculum each child is introduced to Shakespeare through an annual theatrical performance; Sanskrit is also part of the core curriculum; and, in addition, every class has a weekly Philosophy class in which there is lively open-ended discussion on a range of thought-provoking questions.  The Art curriculum is also tailored to meet the needs of all children including those with special gifts in this area. 

Our experience is that these regular parts of the school’s offerings satisfy much of the needs of gifted children for challenging, thought-provoking and high order curriculum.

As many gifted children are unique in their gifts and talents, much time is spent by the teachers in responding to the nuanced needs of these children with extension, acceleration and enrichment.