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Head of School’s Comment

Last Monday we celebrated Teacher’s Day on which we express our respect, honour and gratitude for all those who have been our teachers.  It was my first day back this term and it couldn t have been a better start. It was so touching to see our beautiful children arriving with their flowers, and the children were so delighted with their offerings and with the opportunity to bring them as a gift for their teacher. It’s quite inspiring to see the children, or anyone, express gratitude. It brings with it the warmth of love and unity and is uplifting for everyone.  My thanks goes to all the parents for your generosity in sending such an array of flowers.

As a Writing exercise, the children were asked to consider who their teachers actually were, and what they had learnt. The idea was to open this up for the children and for them to consider what lessons they had learnt in life so far, who had taught them, and how they had learnt them.  The children did express gratitude to their various class teachers but the expression was much broader than that.  To my delight, parents, relatives and pets rated high on the agenda.  The children wrote of learning steadiness, courage, tolerance, responsibility, perseverance and much more. The wise tell us that our teacher is the person in front of us, and there was a sense of this in the children’s writing.

During the Assembly each class presented their flowers and two children from each class read what they had written. Listening to the children speak was both inspiring and moving, and the Assembly was very respectful and certainly expressed gratitude to all our teachers. There were so many flowers and the hall looked magnificent.  After Assembly we spread the flowers throughout the school and the 4th Class children took the remainder to our senior citizens at the local nursing home.  Mrs Tomicki reported that the children brought much delight to these older people.

We have had an excellent week, and I can t tell you how delighted I am to be back!

Mary McKendrick