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Head of School’s Comment

As you will see below in Mrs Renshaw’s comment this week we are currently looking at Excellence within the Value of Respect and giving our very best to all that we do. Our Handwriting competition is currently underway and I have been fortunate to see some outstanding examples across our different classes as well as having the opportunity to award some pen licences in 4th Class.
The keyboard has certainly taken some of the market out of communicating, however there still remains an important role for handwriting. Handwriting requires attention, promotes consistency of flow and is crucial in developing fine motor skills. While there is a standard form, a student’s handwriting does move on to take a personal aspect, allowing for the expression of individuality. There is certainly a place for keyboard skills (and perhaps even two thumb texting!) however it is wonderful to see this skill and art still being celebrated as it will remain with our students for life.

Julian Wilcock