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Head of School’s Comment

As a school we are focusing on the value and practice of Truthfulness this Term. More specifically we have been exploring being honest with our friends, teachers and parents. This may be owning up to poor behaviour or an unwise decision or perhaps just that we do not know something. The first step in this process is exploring with the children the concept of self-knowledge. Considering our true motivations, acting with honesty and reflecting on our actions to gain understanding of self is a lifelong process. To encourage and enable this to happen, children have to be in an environment of care and trust.
Owning up, or coming clean about something we know to be untrue can be incredibly liberating. It takes a lot of energy and constant effort to keep in the front of our conscious mind a story that has to be maintained. The release of this burden in an atmosphere of trust, enables an openness that benefits all.
If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything. – Mark Twain

Julian Wilcock