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Head of School’s Comment

Last week we had an Inspector from the Board of Studies and Teacher Educational Standards (BOSTES), come to the school to look at all our processes, policies, teaching programs, governance, and the list goes on.  His brief is to see whether we comply in a whole host of areas as laid down by the Board of Studies.

He praised the work of both the staff and leadership and was very impressed with the teaching programs, the richness of the curriculum, the standard of the children’s work, the facilities, and more.

The Inspector’s job is to recommend to the Minister as it is only the Minister who can register the school.  He said that he would recommend registration for another five years, but of course, it is only a recommendation, and we need to wait for the certificate from the Minister.

The Infant’s Shakespeare has been quite magnificent, I stand in awe and wonder at what these little children can achieve if they are given the opportunity; it’s marvelous.  Children do group work so that they learn to work co-operatively, but there is nothing like a Shakespeare play for the children to learn how to work with others. Our thanks goes not only to the children and teachers, but in particular to all the parents; without whose support the plays could not get off the ground.

On another note, the children have been practicing Respect, particularly respect for each other. This was so evident in Assembly last Monday when we had about 40 Mathematics  Challenge Certificates to hand out, and it took quite a lot of time, and the children sat quietly and applauded with gusto those who had gained the certificates. They also showed great respect for each other during the plays, both on stage and as an audience.

It’s like wearing the full school uniform; it’s a discipline which engenders pride and respect in the children.  They become proud of their school, and stand tall with respect for themselves.

Self-respect and respect for others go hand in hand.  It’s not so easy to respect yourself if you have no respect for others.  

Mary McKendrick