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Head of School’s Comment

We have had a wonderful week, the highlight of which, of course was Wednesday where the children came dressed as their favourite book character for Book Week.  The staff also joined in the fun, and at the 8.00 teacher’s pause we could hardly contain our laughter as we admired each other’s costumes and wondered what character was going to walk in the door next. 

The children came dressed in an array of colours and costume, and were even more excited than the teachers.  There was such a buzz of delight in the air, and  at 8.30 I wondered if the children would settle to any work at all – but they did, and worked very well.  At 11.00am we had a parade in the quadrangle where each class took a turn to parade in front of the other classes.  It’s so delightful to see the whole school together enjoying the same activity, there was much clapping and high fives .  It’s also wonderful to see the different characters from Lower First to 6th Class and how the choice of books changed as the children got older.  Harry Potter was a great hit with many of the children.

Three published authors, Heather Miller, Belinda Murrell and Mark Greenwood also came to visit and speak with the children.  The children were totally enthralled with what they had to say.  Belinda Murrell very generously offered to come back next week and sign books, and after Mark Greenwood left this morning all the children wanted to do was write, he was so inspiring.

We owe a special vote of thanks to Marija Sprem, whose effort and enthusiasm inspired us all, and got the week off the ground, and thanks also to all parents for the provision of such interesting costumes.

On another note the NAPLAN results came out this week and the children did very well. They have obviously done their best and worked hard.

Congratulations to all on such a wonderful dress up day and excellent NAPLAN results.  We are very blessed.

Mary McKendrick