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Head of school’s Comment

Today, we had our follow up meeting with our artist in residence, Mr Philip Garrett. Our students have recently completed a short pictorial project on representing our School Values. These drawings were shared with Mr Garrett to give further background in preparation for our sculpture. We have been so impressed by the students’ appreciation and expression that we are now looking at additional ways to connect them with this exciting project.
At one point in the discussions today, our two student representatives were asked what Value they felt was most fundamental to them. Annica P, our Art Captain, spoke of the importance of the Value of Courage and how it is essential in putting into action all the other Values. Respect was chosen by Sophie R, who felt that this had been the most formative throughout her time at John Colet School. The openness of both these children together with all the students who contributed to our exploration of our Values is testament to how important our core principles are.

Julian Wilcock