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Head of School’s Comment


Over the past couple of terms I have been extremely impressed with 6th Class and the way in which they interact with each other, the teachers, staff and younger children.  They have their moments, like all children do, but you can see in them  the very fine qualities that will develop into their being extremely fine men and women.

They have backbone and a lot of pluck.  It’s so evident that the good is all in there, they just have to stand by their principles when they get older, and because it’s all in there it will be very difficult for them not to stand on principle it would be painful for them if they did not follow what they knew to be good and true.  They will have established their own bottom line below which they won t fall.

They are very impressive children, self-confident, reliable, considerate, resourceful, resilient, well rounded,  and I could go on.  By the end of Primary Education the character of the child is pretty much established.  This is why primary education is so important.

Often, as children get older and make efforts to establish their independence, they develop a touch of arrogance. Our present 6th Class has a  notable lack of arrogance, which is much to their credit.

I see them in the playground and they have such good relationships with each other.  They have learnt, for the most part, to sort out their own disagreements.  This requires a certain level of confidence and maturity in a child, and it also points to their ability to be fair minded and see something from another’s point of view.

On both an academic and social level 6th Class is ready for High School.  Their work is of a high standard and they have a maturity about them.  They bring credit on themselves, their families and the school.

They are such a fine example of the school values, and I can t help but hold them in the highest esteem.

Mary McKendrick

Caption: 6th class students photographed recently in front of the House Flags they fundraised for and donated to the school as part of their 6th class leaving gift.  They have also donated a set of white’school values’ flags.